Company Profile
Vision / Mission

Envisioned for the complete Luxury home with unprecedented sophistication, we present you with furniture and interior collection. The collection is a fusion of classic and contemporary design, an ode to the traditional blue print with a flavor of the future.

To give Indian infrastructure a global standard and place itself on the global chart as a premier interior turnkey player with a worldwide presence in its domain. Srisay strives relentlessly in its pursuit of delivering imagination!  SRISAY  is catering to a discerning few with a fine taste of living. Using the Indian variety of craft and raw materials fused with western logistics SRISAY offerings truly reflect its meaning – ART OF GOOD LIVING!
Srisay has large infrastructure with state-of-the-art manufacturing units equipped to cater to the demands of the most challenging nature. The expertise of managing very complex projects from separate realms comes from its five decades of experience and the strong back-up of manufacturing infrastructure, specialized divisions and site execution teams.
Manufacturing Techniques
Site execution
Design Development
Art and Craft
Manufacturing Techniques :
The manufacturing units produce pre-fab products, required for architectural and building fit outs, using modern techniques and help meet demanding timelines. The state-of-the-art equipment helps realizing imagination into delivery.
Site Execution :
Our site execution is backed by large site teams, coordinated with worldwide sourcing of materials and handled by qualified technical expertise. The site execution teams have evolved over decades and handled projects in India and overseas providing total solutions even in remote townships, which includes, working in the most difficult and trying conditions. Execution of offices, call centres, data centres, real estate residential projects add up to our credential.
Design development :
Our Design Support services and Design Development centres assist clients in creating customized solution to suit their needs. We have a complete army of artisans who are able to combine art forms into interior products to achieve a sense of fusion of mixing craft with advanced finishing techniques.
This is an extremely rare expertise in the industry as it involves a great degree of planning, focus and understanding of modern techniques and the use of design and craftsmanship in a systematic fashion.
Art and Craft :
SRISAY has modernized procedures and techniques for creating marvellous designs according to the taste and preferences of our customers. Our facility comprises of equipments and machinery that are highly sophisticated and conforming to the world’s best standards. Our artisans enhance the solution by adding an exclusive touch to it. Our interiors and products are made from a wide variety of
pre-fabricated interiors and furniture making it exclusive, inspirational and imaginative.