Our Offerings
We at SRISAY also make all furniture keeping in mind the size, style and requirement of the client.
Thus from everything i.e. sofas to dining table, wardrobe to cabinets can be ordered and custom-made according to the client’s taste and requirement.
SRISAY offers a full range of interior design & services which include planning, designing, project management, decorating services, supervising, quality control and coordination of the entire project.

Vaastu  is an ancient Vedic science/philosophy. Vaastu is a science of balancing building with the laws of nature. A Vaastu friendly or nature friendly building is perfectly balanced with nature, subtle energies around and five elements.

It is a Vedic origin. Derived from Atharva Ved, it has been accepted as Sthapatya Ved describing all about ancient Indian architecture. It took thousands of years of research to fabricate rules of Vastu and incorporate these in Vedic texts. Vastushastra as such is a concept relating to consumers energy received as solar, lunar energy, planet's energy, energy from constellations, from velocity, fusion, radiation, interaction, gravitation, magnetism and other astronomical phenomena. Ancient Indians believed that investing energy into the plot of land may yield bliss, prosperity and peace of mind, happiness, marital bliss, children's happiness and wealth.